GroupShot and StillShot are the first to implement Walgreens API

We are very happy to announce our new cooperation with Walgreens Co., America’s leading drug store chain, with more than 8,000 store throughout the USA.

Macadamia Apps and Walgreens had partnered to allow GroupShot and StillShot users to print photos directly from apps to the Walgreens stores.

GroupShot and StillShot were the first apps ever to implement the Walgreens API, and the Macadamia Apps team had actually helped Walgreens to first integrate their SDK into an iOS app.

The interesting part about Walgreens new service is that they allow the user to print pictures without making any payment online – the payment will be done only when the customer gets to the store to pick up the photos.

This is a huge advantage over all the other printing services who use in-app purchase options or require credit card information as part of the order. This fact alone will lower Walgreens cart abandonment ratio dramatically.



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