Use StillShot to capture the perfect moment from your video in a photo


NEW YORK – May 14, 2012 – Macadamia Apps (, the premier real time visual effects and image processing apps company, has announced the release of StillShot – a new intuitive iPhone app that enables people to capture a moment of movement from a video and create a high quality photo.


Macadamia Apps answers a real need with its new app. StillShot can be found useful when objects are on the move and it is hard to catch the moment or when a video was already taken instead of a still photo. StillShot allows users to create a full resolution photo from video files by loading the video and analyzing the frames one by one, letting the user to choose the best frame. The app can extract frames from any video, with no special requirements. StillShot holds the original resolution of the video, e.g., on iPhone 4s the resolution is 1080p (1920*1080px).


Watch the video of the StillShot app in action here:

Yair Bar-On, CEO of Macadamia Apps, said “StillShot is a great app that continues the tradition of GroupShot – functional photo apps that help people save the perfect moment. Rather than using complicated photo editing software, anyone with an iPhone can now capture movement in a high quality photo, without any technical knowledge.”


This is the second app release by the Macadamia Apps labs, headed by Gil Megidish, CTO, who also developed, a fun photo sharing site with over 520,000 monthly unique visitors.


Macadamia Apps will be announcing more visual effects and high quality image processing apps soon, taking the evolution of the photo app space even further. StillShot offers support for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod and will be available soon for other operating systems later this year.


GroupShot, Macadamia Apps’ first app, solves a common problem found in group photos – namely when one person isn’t facing the camera or whose expression doesn’t fit the rest of the group. People generally take several shots in quick succession when photographing groups, with the hope that one will be perfect. With GroupShot, users can pick and choose parts of each photo, and then combine all the parts to create the perfect high quality shot that could pass as an original photo.

GroupShot was released in January 2012, was featured in Apple’s App Store and had over 430,000 downloads.


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Macadamia Apps LLC, develops Real Time Visual Effects and high quality image processing apps for mobile platforms. The company’s first 2 apps are GroupShot and StillShot. GroupShot is an app that enables users the ability to have the perfect group photo by taking several versions of one shot and amalgamating the perfect faces into one high quality picture. StillShot is an app that can extract frames from videos while holding the original frame resolution. Macadamia Apps is comprised of photo technologists and digital marketing experts who focus on creating smart and fun photo solutions for people of all ages.


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