Here is some of awesome press coverage we got so far:

Fox News (Video report)

BBC (video report)

PHC  TV (Dutch)

NY Times (video report from sxsw)

KTLA TV (video report from sxsw)

Techcrunch: “The resulting photo is the perfect picture… It’s magic!”

Business Insider: ”…It is actually kind of magical”

The Next Web: “GroupShot is… amazing”

Mashable: “It’s like a simplified Photoshop function you can apply from your phone…”

Appboy: ”…The amazing part is that this thing really works! ”

PC Magazine: “With Group Shot, you can skip the fancy photo editing software and create the perfect group shot right on your iPhone.”

AppsSfari ”…The Group Shot app is incredibly well-designed, highly functional, and intuitive…Wow, you will be shocked by the juxtaposition of the incredibly complex capacity of Group Shot and its easy, responsive touch controls…”

Tech News World: ‎”…I don’t think the developers at Macadamia Apps actually used any sort of programming language to create GroupShot– I think they somehow harnessed mystical forces from the universe and simply created a shell app that they then infused with pure magic…”

Appolicios:  ”GroupShot iPhone app is photography magic… fantastic addition to an iPhone photographer’s toolkit”

Techpp: “GroupShot bowled me over the very first time I used it… It is by far the coolest app I have seen in the recent times”

LightenApp: “…great tool to have ready in your iPhone for any family event…”

Mobile Magazine: “… GroupShot app is pretty special”

Orli Yakuel:  ”Mark my word: GroupShot is one of the most impressive app you will try this year, and it is absolutely something to keep an eye on.”

The Guardian (UK): “GroupShot is a clever iPhone app…”

Theinfow: ”This is really one of the best apps out there for touching up your photos”

App Advice: ”There are plenty of photo editing apps available in the App Store, but GroupShot by Macadamia Apps stands above the rest…”

Mac World  ”It’s a powerful app that makes a complex task … incredibly simple to accomplish.”

Digital Photo Buzz:  ”It really blows my mind how far technology has come…”

Fierce Mobile Content:  ”GroupShot is a must-have app…”

iPhone Life: “Bless those programmers!”

Tap Different (Italian) – By @TapDifferent

Apps Pirate

Appbank (Japanese) (Chinese) (Hebrew)

Techcrunch Japan (Japanese) (Japanese) (Hebrew) (Hebrew)

My iNews (Brazil) (Belgium) (Chinese) (Chinese)

iPhone Land Italy (Italian) (Arabic) (Japanese)

iPhone Club (Dutch) (Thai) (Italian) (Chinese) (Spanish) (Dutch) (Czech)

iphone Italia (Italian)

Grizzly Analytics (German) (Polish)



Random Pie:

The MacTracker:



Camaras De Fotos

xataka foto ”GroupShot is the most magic photo edit app for every photography fans. It is by far the coolest and fantastic app I have seen. To have a perfect photo is not a dream now.”


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